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Laimburg Research Centre is the leading research institute for agriculture and food processing in South Tyrol. Founded in 1975, it is a legal entity dependent on the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen and along the time it has widely expanded in terms of facilities, research sectors and working staff. Through scientifically sound experimentation, applied research and laboratory analysis it develops know-how, solutions to problems and future-oriented innovations, disseminating this knowledge directly to the target groups via extension services. With an application-oriented approach it helps secure the continued development of the local agricultural and food processing sectors. A research program of approximately 350 research and experimental projects is coordinated with the institute’s stakeholders on an annual basis to directly address their needs. It covers the entire food production chain, from cultivation to the finished product. In order to use natural resources more efficiently, Laimburg Research Centre advocates for sustainable and resilient cultivation systems. This is achieved by focusing its applied research on reducing reliance on plant protection products and developing integrative plant protection strategies. Additionally, the centre leverages digital technologies, engages in the breeding and testing of robust plant varieties and rootstocks, and collaborates on the development of regional recycling systems. Laimburg Research Centre is also an active component of the “LandWIRtschaft 2030” strategy and thus, in its own ten-year strategy, has planned to widely incorporate sustainable objectives in its research orientation.

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