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Eurac Research was founded in Bolzano-Bozen in 1992 as an association under private law with a staff of just twelve members undertaking research in the areas of Language and Law, Minorities and Autonomous Regions as well as the Alpine Environment. The center gradually expanded into new areas and introduced new structures. Today, over 600 collaborators from almost 50 countries conduct their research at Eurac Research. With an open enterprise culture and flat organizational structure, their research goals address the greatest challenges of the future: keeping societies healthy, fostering intact environments, promoting sustainable energy and developing well-functioning political and social systems. In a continuous strive to open new paths with science and innovation, seeking answers to respond to society’s complex questions through interaction between a variety of disciplines, the researchers develop concrete solutions for regional problems which can then be applied globally. Eurac is linked to research networks all over the world with partners on the five continents, including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); it cooperates with the Council of Europe and other European institutions and is also an official duty station of the United Nations and the only Italian headquarter of UNU (the United Nations University).

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