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Eco Research is a research center based in Bolzano specialized in chemical analyses. Starting from 2020 Eco Research has assumed the legal form of association, and operates, by its statutes, as a non-profit organization. Eco Research focuses on applied, interdisciplinary, and basic research and aims at knowledge dissemination, as well as scientific advice and training and specialization of highly qualified researchers. It promotes innovation, constant rationalization, consensus towards modern technologies, and continuous improvement of eco-sustainability. Its research addresses the development of processes and analytical methods in the industrial, environmental and food sectors. The main research topics are related to the pollution reduction, in particular emerging pollutants, in various matrices through processes such as the hydrothermal carbonization, studies on the indoor air quality, the determination of the geographical origin of agro-forestry products. Thanks to its consolidated experience and constantly growing skills, Eco Research is a scientific partner in numerous research projects. 

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