IDM South Tyrol

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IDM South Tyrol, with its acronym standing for “Innovators, Developers, Marketers”, is a hub of innovation and skills pursuing the dual goal of promoting the sustainable development of the South Tyrolean economy and, simultaneously, of enhancing the competitivity of local companies. Its declared objective is to contribute towards making South Tyrol “the most attractive sustainable living destination in Europe”, by acting as a catalyst and a driving force to exploit South Tyrol potential to its best advantage. IDM supports the internationalization and the innovation particularly of small and medium-sized enterprises, provides support to film makers, and develops tourism marketing activities and agri-food marketing to promote quality products from South Tyrol.  IDM describe itself as a multiplier and a source of impetus for sustainable development, considering the sustainability of products a factor capable of making a considerable difference being highly appreciated and intrinsically linked with quality.

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